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The King Air 350i Interior Seen in a Brand New Light

When Hawker Beechcraft made the decision to update the King Air 350 interior, they set their sights high.  The goal was to create an interior for the venerable turboprop that would compete with jet aircraft—and win.

To accomplish this goal, they started with all new interior styling and the FlexcabinTM interior concept to increase cabin volume and utility.  They added comfortable heated seats, a cabin management system, noise reduction technology, and electrochromic window shades to raise the level of amenities to new heights.  And LED lighting was specified as standard equipment.

Enter Heads Up.  “We worked with HBC interior designers and engineers to develop a new approach to cabin lighting” reminisces Rob Harshaw, President/CEO of Heads Up.  “Our vision was an intelligent lighting system with an exceptional degree of control over color and lighting levels in order to help create the right mood for relaxing or conducting business” he adds.

Each light utilizes proprietary intelligent power supply technology to ramp and dim the LEDs.  HBC designers were able to use theater dimming and smooth transitions from one brightness level to another to further enhance the ambience.  A variety of color temperatures were evaluated until the fabrics and surface treatments appeared just as the designers envisioned.  Finally, Heads Up’s experience with show controllers in the entertainment business was used to develop an intelligent lighting interface which reduced processing and connectivity requirements for the cabin management system.

“The result raised the common cabin lighting system to new levels of sophistication” says Harshaw. “It helped create an interior space with the right balance of comfort and style in an understated, timeless, and elegant way.”

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