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Checklist Management

Q: Do I have to return my cartridge?

A: New CMS400 units ship with a test cartridge. Once the script is prepared, a second cartridge is shipped. The test cartridges can be utilized for script changes after installation.

Q: Where is the data cartridge?

A: The data cartridge (part number DSC20) is installed in the back of the CMS400. Changing or updating scripts is easily accomplished by switching cartridges.

Q: How do I change my checklist?

A: The customer provides the checklist to Heads Up and it is entered into our system. A faxed or emailed copy of this checklist will be sent to the customer for final approval. Once approved, recording sessions will be arranged by Heads Up. Approximately two English language sessions are scheduled per month, and other languages are scheduled as necessary. Please contact us for any additional information or for any special requests.

Q: Can the checklist be supported in languages other than English?

A: Yes, but the CMS400 display only supports English characters. Voice recordings can be accomplished in any language.

Q: Can I change the ‘Challenge and Response’ or ‘Challenge Only’ default setting in the field?

A: The default programmed into the script can only be changed by Heads Up. However, it is possible to change the behavior by holding the EXIT key at power-up. The unit will go back to its default setting at the next power-up.

Q: Can the checklist be in a female or male voice?

A: Yes, Heads Up can offer professional female and male voice talents. Translation and recording services are available in most languages. Listen to sample English audio files utilizing male and female voice talents.

Q: Can the unit speak both Challenge and Response?

A: Yes, the unit can be defaulted to speak Challenge only, or Challenge and Response, based upon the script.

Q: On the CMS400, what is the function of the JUMP button?

A: The JUMP button is used to quickly reach a preprogrammed checklist. For instance, if you would like to have quick access to your ‘Approach’ checklist, you can set this up as a JUMP item. Then, when the JUMP button is pressed, you will go immediately to your ‘Approach’ checklist.

Q: How do I advance to the next procedure?

A: If you are at the beginning of a procedure, hitting the ‘EXIT’ button once will take you to the next procedure. When in a checklist, you can hit the EXIT button twice, and it will take you to the next procedure.

Q: How many lines does a CMS400 or HUC/G unit hold?

A: On average, HUC/G Units handle 300 lines, while the CMS400 accommodates 500 lines.