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In-Flight Entertainment

Q: Does the Heads Up system offer a Moving Map Feature?

A: The Heads Up System allows for integration of third-party moving map systems.

Q: How is MP3 data loaded?

A: Your own MP3 downloads can be provided via a single USB memory stick. All system users have independent and simultaneous access to the MP3 audio files.

Q: Do your monitors require left and right mounting arm options?

A: No, each mounting arm is capable or supporting either left or right side configurations.

Q: Is it possible to integrate a cockpit camera or carry-on gaming equipment to the Heads Up System?

A: Yes. There are video inputs available on the PNL100-01 that allow for attachment of other inputs with component or composite outputs.

Q: Will your entertainment system integrate with other manufacturers’ monitors?

A: Yes, attachment to non-Heads Up Technologies monitors is possible with a Video Adapter Module (VAM100-01), assuming component, composite or SVGA inputs.

Q: What monitors will be offered, and what is their resolution?

A: Presently, a 10” arm-mount and 10”/15” bulkhead monitors will be available. All monitors have been developed in widescreen format and support high-definition video at 720p. Blu-Ray players enhance the experience.

Q: Can I buy a system today?

A: Not quite yet. We are currently undergoing an STC effort, in order to achieve PMA. Once completed, this system will be made available to approved installing dealers worldwide. If you’d like to be notified of our progress, please sign up for our mailing list.