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Passenger Briefing Systems

Q: How do I change my script?

A: The customer provides the script to Heads Up and it is entered into our system. A faxed or emailed copy of this script will be sent to the customer for final approval. Once approved, recording sessions will be arranged by Heads Up. Approximately two English language sessions are scheduled per month, and other languages are scheduled as necessary. Please contact us for any additional information or for any special requests.

Q: Will the PBS600 continue reprogramming if power is interrupted?

A: No. If there is a power interruption during reprogramming, the PBS600 should be powered down, PCMCIA programming card reinserted, and programming procedures repeated from the beginning.

Q: I just reprogrammed the PBS600. Why don’t I hear any briefings when they are playing?

A: The default volume setting for PBS600 briefings after reprogramming is zero. To change the volume, select a message group and play a briefing. As the briefing plays, use the volume buttons to adjust the briefing level to your desired setting. This procedure must be repeated for each message group.

Q: Can I reprogram the PBS600 “in the field”?

A: Yes. The PBS600 is programmable via a PCMCIA flash card (ATA format), containing our proprietary script file. For more information on obtaining this file, refer to our Programming and Scripting Services Manual or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Q: Can we do our own recordings?

A: Yes. Professional quality recordings can be performed at local recording studios. Heads Up can then process the audio files. (MP3 or WAV formats.) Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

Q: Can the message be female or male?

A: Yes, Heads Up can offer professional female and male voice talents. Translation and recording services are available in most languages. Listen to sample English audio files utilizing male and female voice talents.

Q: Can I play the script CD that Heads Up sent to me from a regular CD player?

A: No. The script files on the CD are not recognized by a regular CD player. The PBS 250/400 products use a proprietary compression method.

Q: What software is utilized to program the PBS250/PBS400?

A: Software will be included with the script and utilizes a Windows PC. Please notify .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) of your operating system so we may provide you with the appropriate software version.

Q: Can I utilize my laptop to reprogram the PBS250 and PBS400 passenger briefing systems?

A: Yes. The PBS250 and PBS400 are field programmable via a laptop/PC running Windows. Please refer to the Programming and Scripting Services Manual for more information, or contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).