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XM Satellite Radio

Q: What are my options on radio receivers?

A: Heads Up provides 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-receiver units today. In addition, the 4- and 8-receiver versions provide the added flexibility of daisy-chaining the antenna cable to other receivers. As an example, if you want to have a 6-receiver setup, you can install a 4-receiver unit, and simply daisy-chain a two-receiver unit. (The XM WX Satellite Weather receiver also provides the capability to daisy-chain other receivers together.)

Q: What is a multi-receiver unit?

A: Multi-receiver units are essentially multiple XM radios, all combined into a single LRU. Rather than selecting one channel and having that option distributed through the cabin or cockpit, multi-receiver units allow for simultaneous and independent operation of XM radio channels at the seats.

Q: What is the monthly subscription?

A: Numerous subscription plans are available starting at $9.99/month. Package details are available here

Q: What types of antennas are available?

A: Multiple XM-approved antennas are available. Currently, these include the popular low-profile, tear-dropped shaped antenna and a low-speed VHF/COM-XM antenna. In addition, a GPS/XM and a VHF/GPS/XM are available. Please contact Heads Up for any additional information.