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XM Satellite Radio

Q: What if I do not have an existing entertainment system or do not want to integrate?

A: Heads Up provides a touch-screen, LCD color display that allows for management of your system regardless of the number of radio receiver units installed. By first selecting the appropriate receiver number for your seat, you can change categories, change channels up or down, activate up to 6 presets and receive title/artist information. In addition, a handheld remote control is provided that allows for channel selection from your seat. Heads Up Technologies also offers wireless, non-directional Bluetooth remote controls that manage XM receivers anywhere in the aircraft cabin.

Q: What are the options for integrating the XM radio with my existing cabin management system?

A: Heads Up works with most cabin management suppliers, including Audio International, Honeywell CMSS and Mid Continent Controls, Rockwell Collins and others. Specific questions on the level of integration should be directed to the appropriate supplier. XM Satellite Radio is also integrated into the Heads Up Technologies family of cabin entertainment systems.

Q: What are my options on radio receivers?

A: Heads Up provides 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-receiver units today. In addition, the 4- and 8-receiver versions provide the added flexibility of daisy-chaining the antenna cable to other receivers. As an example, if you want to have a 6-receiver setup, you can install a 4-receiver unit, and simply daisy-chain a two-receiver unit. (The XM WX Satellite Weather receiver also provides the capability to daisy-chain other receivers together.)

Q: What is a multi-receiver unit?

A: Multi-receiver units are essentially multiple XM radios, all combined into a single LRU. Rather than selecting one channel and having that option distributed through the cabin or cockpit, multi-receiver units allow for simultaneous and independent operation of XM radio channels at the seats.

Q: What is the monthly subscription?

A: Numerous subscription plans are available starting at $9.99/month. Package details are available here

Q: What types of antennas are available?

A: Multiple XM-approved antennas are available. Currently, these include the popular low-profile, tear-dropped shaped antenna and a low-speed VHF/COM-XM antenna. In addition, a GPS/XM and a VHF/GPS/XM are available. Please contact Heads Up for any additional information.