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Flight Deck Safety

The continued evolution of electronics and digital technology open up new opportunities to create better, safer, more efficient and more cost-effective products.

Heads Up Technologies can help you take your electrical systems to new levels, from data modules that incorporate the latest digital technologies, to high-powered LEDs that open up an exciting new realm of creative, reliable and affordable options.

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Heads Up Innovation

For nearly 35 years, Heads Up Technologies has innovated on exterior lighting, recoverable data modules, aircraft electronic systems and more. Keep reading below to learn more about specific innovations and technologies we've developed over the years. 

Flight View at Night

Any pilot will tell you that when it comes to landing lights, the more light, the better. 

Heads Up’s LED landing lights use an array of high-power LEDs and custom optics. These rugged, highly reliable units put more light on target than similar incandescent lights. An integrated power supply with dim/flash functionality reduces weight and heat.

Landing Lights

Landing Lights

Exterior Lighting

Tail Flood Lights

In addition to making your aircraft more visible at night, tail floodlights are a popular way to illuminate logos and create more nighttime ramp appeal.

Our high-power LEDs can provide the same brightness as conventional tail floodlights, but at a fraction of the weight and with considerably less power consumption. Our tail floodlight solutions are already at work on multiple production aircraft. And, as with all of our lighting solutions, our engineers will be happy to consult with you on converting to, designing and installing LED solutions.

Tail Flood Lights

Wing Inspection Lights

At Heads Up, we have developed a family of wing inspection lights that produce a tight beam of light at the leading edge of the wing to help pilots look for ice formation. High-power LEDs, coupled with precision optics, result in a consistent beam aiming angle, so no adjustment is necessary. In addition to reducing installation labor, this cuts error rates and improves reliability.

Wing Inspection Lights

Light up your aircraft’s entry with Heads Up’s stair step lighting!  We offer a variety of color temperatures and brightness options. Our Light-weight water-proof housing hides discretely under each step lighting the step below it.  

Stair Step Lighting

Stair Step Lighting

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Emergency egress requires exterior lighting to illuminate the path for passengers to exit onto the wings and see the path below them.  Often these lights are mounted in high vibration locations, unsuitable for incandescent bulbs.  Our ruggedized LEDs are completely sealed in optically clear silicone to ensure protection from the harsh environment.

Egress Lighting

Egress Lighting

Recoverable Data Modules


OEMs require the capability to store aircraft data in the event of a crash/fire. Heads Up has developed a Recoverable Data Module (RDM) that provides the capabilities you need, encased in an impact- and fire-resistant housing.

The single chip processor is capable of addressing large flash memory arrays. Processor functions and data storage are contained within the armored housing, while the power conditioning and regulation are externally mounted. Data can be downloaded from the flash memory to a PC via a standard USB cable. A small Windows program copies the contents of the flash to the PC’s hard drive.

By maintaining control of the design, Heads Up reduces dependence on the consumer and/or industrial memory card market. Our design requires no licensed operating system, and the universal acceptance of the USB standard ensures that PCs will continue to support the interface for years to come.

Recoverable Data Modules

Recoverable Data Modules

Pre-Recorded Announcement Machines (PRAMs)

PBS600 Digital PRAM


The PBS600 Digital PRAM provides studio-quality passenger briefings in up to 63 languages, as well as optional boarding music, without the problems associated with tape-based units. Message selection is easy, thanks to a large high-contrast LCD display and an industrial-quality keypad. Designed as a single unit with no moving parts, the PBS600 can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted in cabin bulkheads. It can also be easily reprogrammed with a PCMCIA card without removing the unit.

Digital PRAM

The PBS700 takes PRAM functionality to the next level.  Besides providing passenger safety announcements and boarding music, it can provide customized inflight messaging based on the takeoff and landing locations and phase of flight.  Flight attendant workload is reduced by automatically triggering messages from discrete inputs from the aircraft.  A generous touch screen and keypad allow for capacitive touch or tactile switch navigation.  The PBS700 script, boarding music, and route tables can be updated either by USB or Ethernet connectivity.  

Want to reduce flight attendant workload?  Let’s talk!

Digital PRAM

PBS700 Digital PRAM

Digital Controllers


This unit provides a “Set and Forget” climate control for your turbine engine aircraft. The digital controller governs the heating and air conditioning systems, automatically switching to outside air to regulate temperature as a function of altitude. This unit also automatically closes bleed air valves and turns off air conditioning compressors in the event of loss of engine or generators, respectively. It also features dual climate zone controls. Click here for more information. (Certification/Compliance: 14 CFR Part 21, RTCA/DO-160C)

Digital Controller

DC-100 Environmental Controller

This digital controller is designed for turbine engine bleed air environmental heating systems. The unit monitors duct and cabin temperature to ensure comfortable flight crew and passenger compartments. Click here for more information. (Certification/Compliance: 14 CFR Part 21, RTCA/DO-160C, RTCA/DO-178A, non-essential criticality)

EC-135 Bleed Air Heater Controller

Air Heater Controller