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Heads Up Technologies announces integrated In-Flight Entertainment System

System integrates High Definition monitors, Blu-ray players, ultra-thin passenger controllers, satellite radio and much more for small and mid-size cabins.

Carrollton, Texas – March 10, 2011 – Heads Up Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of electronic solutions for general aviation and commercial aircraft, has developed a new In-Flight Entertainment System designed specifically for small to mid-sized cabins.

Heads Up’s system delivers the functionality and quality associated with high-end systems, but at an affordable price. A “Best-in-Class” viewing experience and a large variety of audio entertainment options are offered as standard - all easily managed with an ultra-thin passenger control panel that integrates smoothly into cabin interiors where space is at a premium. Eliminating the need for additional loose components such as handheld remote controls, the passenger control panel has an integrated headphone jack and can be plated to match existing interiors.

The Premier system supports up to (4) independent passenger controls, while an Executive system provides capacity for (8). Passengers can easily select between audio and video sources, such as Blu-ray players, gaming equipment, satellite radio, MP3’s and more. All monitors are High Definition and support wide-screen formats. Satellite radio is a standard option, and an auxiliary panel device provides for attachment of other media, such as gaming equipment and other personal audio/video entertainment devices. The system’s design reduces parts count by up to 40% from traditional systems, while providing cleaner video images.

“I am very excited about this system’s unique features and design quality, all of which you’d expect to see in much larger and more expensive alternatives. The level of integration in this system is another key feature. Aircraft owners and installing dealers will benefit from avoiding installation problems and on-going maintenance issues associated with trying to piece together a collection of loosely coupled components.”, said David Groos, Sr VP, Sales and Marketing, for Heads Up. “Our approach has been to provide a mid-range entertainment system that was integrated, high functioning, easy to use and affordable.”

The STC is on a Part 25 aircraft, and production deliveries are anticipated in 2nd quarter 2011. DAC International ( will provide aftermarket distribution of the system worldwide.

To download this press release click here.

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