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Heads Up wins the AIN 2011 Product Support Survey for Reliability

The September, 2011 issue of Aircraft International News (AIN) rated Heads Up number one for product reliability and number two for overall product support. Comments from customers included “never a problem with this unit once it was installed” and “once a passenger briefing system is installed, it is good almost forever”.

“Reliability is key to our OEM customers’ said Jim Found, VP of Customer Service for Heads Up Technologies. “Our product development process includes multiple rounds of Highly Accellerated Life Testing (HALT) and DO160 prescreening to ensure our products are reliable by design” he added.

“Jim Found’s background with Disney has prepared him to lead our Customer Service group. He knows customers value respect and he values and respects their time. This Survey is a testament to his commitment to the customer.” said Rob Harshaw, President/CEO of Heads Up Technologies.

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