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Voice Checklist

With Heads Up, pilots never have to worry about forgetting checklist items again. Our Checklist Management Systems are comprehensive, thorough and user-friendly, providing a “virtual co-pilot” you can interact with to check all aircraft systems.


CMS400The CMS400 reads and manages your checklist just as another crewmember would. Its state-of-the-art digitized human voice reads your custom checklist to you. Each item is spoken clearly and quickly in a challenge-and-response format, leaving you in command.

Your customized checklist is stored in a data cartridge for easy field updates. Optional interfaces to Heads Up passenger briefing systems, Air Show products and other aircraft systems are available.

Each system ships with a test data cartridge to help facilitate installation while your customized checklist is being created. Checklist items can be easily changed or updated by contacting us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


CKL550Now ProLine 21 users can benefit from an integrated voice checklist.  The CKL550 reads the checklist aloud to the flight crew using a digital voice – just like another crew member. Checklist items are displayed on the ProLine 21 MFD and marked as completed or deferred by the pilot.

The voice presentation reduces pilot visual workload resulting in better situational awareness and enhanced safety. Customization is possible, allowing pilots to tailor their checklist to their specific aircraft configuration or mission profile.

The system also provides verbal passenger briefings which can be triggered either manually through the MFD or an optional PBS500 control head, or as “autobriefs” associated with completing particular checklist items.

Contact Heads Up or Rockwell Collins for more information on this exciting new option.

Listen to sample checklist audio files from our male and female voice talents.

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