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Digital Controllers

In addition to offering standardized products, Heads Up can design and manufacture specialized digital controllers that are customized to your specific requirements. Our technical capabilities, in-house testing resources and project management skills ensure that your custom solution is delivered a timely and cost-effective manner.


This unit provides a “Set and Forget” climate control for your turbine engine aircraft. The digital controller governs the heating and air conditioning systems, automatically switching to outside air to regulate temperature as a function of altitude. This unit also automatically closes bleed air valves and turns off air conditioning compressors in the event of loss of engine or generators, respectively. It also features dual climate zone controls. Click here for more information. (Certification/Compliance: 14 CFR Part 21, RTCA/DO-160C)


This digital controller is designed for turbine engine bleed air environmental heating systems. The unit monitors duct and cabin temperature to ensure comfortable flight crew and passenger compartments. Click here for more information. (Certification/Compliance: 14 CFR Part 21, RTCA/DO-160C, RTCA/DO-178A, non-essential criticality)

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