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Aircraft Electrical Systems

Recoverable Data Modules

OEMs require the capability to store aircraft data in the event of a crash/fire. Heads Up has developed a Recoverable Data Module (RDM) that provides the capabilities you need, encased in an impact- and fire-resistant housing.

The single chip processor is capable of addressing large flash memory arrays. Processor functions and data storage are contained within the armored housing, while the power conditioning and regulation are externally mounted. Data can be downloaded from the flash memory to a PC via a standard USB cable. A small Windows program copies the contents of the flash to the PC’s hard drive.

By maintaining control of the design, Heads Up reduces dependence on the consumer and/or industrial memory card market. Our design requires no licensed operating system, and the universal acceptance of the USB standard ensures that PCs will continue to support the interface for years to come.

Please contact Heads Up for additional information, or let us know how we can assist with you in this vital area.

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