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Interior Lighting Systems

LED Lighting

Few areas can make as much of an impact on the ambiance, look and feel of your cabin as the lighting solutions you choose. At Heads Up, our goal is to provide you with solutions that offer the necessary functionality – and that also open up new opportunities to bring a greater level of style, elegance and sophistication to flying.

All of our lighting solutions are built around reliable and efficient LED technology. Compared to traditional lighting, LED lighting is more dependable and creates less electrical noise, thus reducing the risk of interference with other aircraft systems. It also provides a variety of other benefits:

  • Design Flexibility. Our patented ThermoChannel™ design for upwash/downwash lighting delivers excellent mechanical stability and rigidity for simplified mounting and installation.
  • Wide Range of Color Temperatures & Intensity. We offer a wide range of color temperatures, from the warmest to the coolest whites. We can even color-match your samples of cold cathode lighting.
  • Turnkey Solutions. With Heads Up, you can avoid the complexities and inconvenience of using multiple suppliers. Give our engineers the specifications of your lighting system, and we can provide a complete LED-based cabin lighting solution including elements, mounting brackets, power supplies and connectors. Whether the cabin interior you’re designing is small, large or somewhere in between, we’ll develop an LED solution that fits.