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Lumin® Cabin Management System

Our Lumin® Cabin Management System is designed to take the end user experience to new heights. Lumin® is scalable to provide a common experience across an OEM’s entire product line: from the smallest to largest aircraft. Passengers will recognize and appreciate the similarity between aircraft models. We wanted to create a CMS with flexibility, to give OEM’s a solution that is uniquely their own. This system lets you define the level of luxury, functionality and control of each cabin”.

The latest in fiber optic, distributed processing, wireless, and digital content management technologies facilitate the incorporation of Blu-ray, digital audio libraries, internet, seat to seat texting and cabin control functions while simultaneously reducing weight and power consumption. Passengers enjoy an intuitive touch screen user interface which is customized to support the branding of the interior space.

All of the components are designed and manufactured by Heads Up. No subcontracting means a higher degree of integration with a faster response time. A seamless experience for you and your customers.

To view the video introduction to Lumin click here.