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LED Lighting

Q: What lengths and types of wash lighting elements are available?

A: Multiple lengths are available in order to fit any size cabin. Standard elements are available incrementally in inches from 9" to 36". Warm and cool colors are available.

Q: What voltage is required to run the lighting?

A: All wash lighting and accent pieces require 28V.

Q: Is your product certified?

A: Yes, Heads Up has received STC-PMA on our lighting controller and the wash lighting elements. In addition, PMA has been received on a large variety of accent pieces, including reading, dome, table, toekick, cabinet and galley lighting.

Q: How big is the controller and how much lighting will one support?

A: The controller is roughly 1.3” x 4.0” x 5.5” and weighs a little more than one-half pound. One controller supports up to 50 feet of wash lighting.

Q: Is a controller required for the upwash/downwash lighting?

A: Yes. The controller provides both over-voltage protection and either full dimming or step dimming capabilities.