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The most innovative LED lighting system

in aviation history

Cabin Lighting Systems

Lighting sets the tone for ambiance, look and feel of the cabin.  It’s an integral part of the cabin experience.  

Heads Up is a leader in providing LED solutions that go beyond necessary functionality and open up industry leading opportunities to bring a greater level of elegance and sophistication to flying.  Our solutions offer: 

Design Flexibility


Our patented ThermoChannel™ design for upwash/downwash lighting delivers excellent mechanical stability and rigidity for simplified mounting and installation.

Wide Range of Color Temperatures & Intensity


We offer a wide range of color temperatures, from the warmest to the coolest whites. We can color-match your samples of cold cathode lighting.

Turnkey Solutions


With Heads Up, you can avoid the complexities and inconvenience of using multiple suppliers. Provide us with specifications of your lighting system, and we can provide a complete LED-based cabin lighting solution including elements, mounting brackets, power supplies and connectors. Whether the cabin interior you’re designing is small, large or somewhere in between, we’ll develop an LED solution that fits.


Heads Up has been innovating lighting systems for nearly 20 years. In 2002, Heads Up delivered the first LED lighting system for a production aircraft. Most recently, Heads Up redid the entire Gulfstream G700 lighting system, which you can view here. 

Heads Up Innovation

Interior Lighting Systems

We provide a complete range of accent lighting solutions from aisle lighting to work surface lights. These lightweight, low-voltage units deliver true color over a complete range of dimming.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

These lightweight, 28VDC units deliver true color and enhanced thermal management. Select from a range of color temperatures and capabilities, such as step or variable dimming options and adjustable spot settings.

Reading and Table Lights

Reading and Table Lights

Wash lighting has been a mainstay element of aviation interior design, making the interior feel more open and spacious. The unique properties of LEDs offer unique form factors and designs that can result in such improvements as increased ceiling height and better uniformity.

Wash Lighting

Wash Lighting

We provide a complete range of lighting solutions that incorporate the reliability, affordability, and efficiencies of LED technology.

Additionally, we offer design assistance and manufacturing services for luminaries for production aircraft programs. These luminaries, when coupled with the unique features of LED lighting, can create visually stunning complements to any interior.


Cabin Lighting

At Heads Up, we can help you design and implement options for emergency lighting that are functional and meet aviation regulatory requirements, while working in harmony with the look and style of your interior design.

Emergency Pathway Lighting

Emergency Pathway Lighting

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