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Elevating Aviation

Our aerospace OEM partners rely on us to help them solve problems.  While each of our partners have specific situations and requirements, they are all alike in their goal: they want to improve the aviation experience and mold it into their vision of comfort, safety, and efficiency.  They want to enhance their brand.  They leverage our 35+ year history of successful innovations and our well-tuned development process to create unique cabin management and inflight entertainment systems, exterior and interior LED lighting systems, and other aircraft electrical components.   

Our in-house compliance testing, supported by a complete suite of automated testing equipment, helps keep products on schedule. And our streamlined organization provides exceptional responsiveness, agility, and flexibility throughout every phase of product development.  Our passion for aviation and solving problems create long-term relationships with our partners that share their journey with us.


Cabin Lighting Systems

Cabin Management Systems/ In-Flight Entertainment


Exterior Lighting Systems

Flight Deck Safety

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