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XM WX Satellite Weather

Q: My signal quality shows >999. What should I do?

A: Verify your aircraft has clear view of southern sky, clear of hangers and obstructions. Verify that there is 5V on the “ANT OUT” from the receiver unit. If not, please contact Heads Up at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Q: Can you explain the XM “Activation Refresh” Process?

A: After months of system inactivity, your XM receiver XM WX weather data service may need an "Activation Refresh" to restore operation. The Refresh signal, sent over the XM satellite system, will re-activate the receiver and restore operation of the XM WX receiver assuming your account is in good standing. The Activation Refresh process can be initiated by calling 1-800-985-9200, or you can perform online at Once initiated, the activation signal will be immediately broadcast for a 15 minutes only, so it is recommended to have the system powered up and able to receive the XM signal prior to initiating. You will need your XM radio ID (8-character alphanumeric) in order to enable your refresh request. The XM radio ID can generally be obtained via your avionics system display, which varies by partner. Please check your ID carefully. There is no "I" (eye), "o" (oh), "S" or "F" used for XM radio ID's.

Q: I am not receiving all weather data, or it takes a long time to update. What should I do?

A: Confirm that the MFD is set to the correct UTC time as prescribed by the MFD manufacturer. If set correctly, monitor signal-quality when reception of data appears slow. Contact Heads Up customer service if issues persist.

Q: What is the correct baud rate with my XMD075-01?

A: The correct baud rate is 115200bps.

Q: My weather receiver is not activating. What should I do?

A: Double-check the following steps:

  • Verify the radio ID (8-digit alpha-numeric) used to activate with XM matches the Radio Serial Number on the computing device.
  • Verify the signal quality is “Good Locked”.
  • Verify the cabling. Refer to ICD/wiring diagrams.

Q: How do I determine the correct communications port for my XMD075-01?

A: From your computer, select START-> SETTINGS->CONTROL PANEL->SYSTEM-> HARDWARE TAB->DEVICE MANAGER BUTTON -> PORTS. The correct communications port is the USB Serial Port (com #).

Q: The software, XMLINK screen, is repeating the message ‘Sending Power Up to Radio’. What should I do?

A: Verify that the power wiring to your radio is correct. Confirm that pin 18 is connected to Bus power. Please refer to your ICD/wiring diagrams. Next, verify the communication settings are correct and set the communications port (as addressed in the next question) and baud rate (115200 bps). If the problem continues, contact Heads Up at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for additional assistance.

Q: How do I know if we have power to the system?

A: On the receiver, there is a red LED next to the connector J1. If ON, the unit has power.

Q: What type of connector is utilized on the antenna?

A: The PMA’ed low-profile tear-drop XM antenna utilizes a SMA connector. Comant Industries manufactures this antenna (p/n CI420-1). Product information is available at

Q: I am having trouble refreshing my receiver.

A: When performing an on-line 'refresh' at the SiriusXM website, you should receive an 'activation successful' response after submitting the refresh request. If you receive an 'unsuccessful' response, there may be other problems with the account. Please contact XM Listener Care at (800) 985-9200.

Q: What is the specification of the XM antenna cable?

A: RG-400/U coaxial cable is recommended, with a SMA plug on each end. Verify proper installation by checking Heads Up installation manuals.

Q: I occasionally lose signal at altitude or show erratic signal quality. Do I have a bad antenna?

A: Possibly, however check the 'ant in' port of the XM receiver for a correct voltage reading of approx 5 Volts. This could also potentially be a result of improper gain. Verify by checking Heads Up installation manuals for XM products, which you can request here.

Q: Can one Heads Up receiver provide data to two EFBs?

A: Yes, the XMD075-01 can support this capability. Click here for details of this operation.

Q: Does Heads Up provide a certified weather receiver for EFB applications?

A: Yes, Heads Up offers two options. The XMD075-01 provides interface for USB or RS42 connections, while the XMD076-01 provides interface for RS232.

Q: What are the current options for interfacing the XM WX Satellite Weather with my MFD?

A: Heads Up technology interfaces with nearly all popular Multi Function Displays. To-date, integration is available for many Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Aspen, Universal, IS&S and Avidyne systems. Contact your avionics installer for specific installation information.